Our Vision

Nestled in the peaceful gardens of the Abbotsford Convent, One Heart is a community-oriented sanctuary for the practice of yoga and meditation. One Heart combines a physically active practice with mindfulness and meditation, infused with inspiring teachings, to nourish body, mind, heart and essence. Our dedicated teachers offer a holistic approach, using both dynamic and subtle practices, to encourage a whole-bodied and wholehearted approach to living.
We offer practice as a gift to reveal our essential wholeness. Through our practice, we can connect with a natural ground of being that is already awake. We discover this inner presence through the breath, the heart, the body, the moment. When life reveals our fragmented selves and our conditioning, our practice helps us witness this pain with the compassionate gaze of the heart. When we hold our stories of pain, of conditioning, in the vast bowl of the heart, we learn to identify with our deepest self that is free and open in a real and authentic way. This is a luminous presence within and is the One Heart that resides in us all. As we build a community of the heart, we can engage with the world with wisdom and love.
We hope to create a warm and supportive community of travellers on the inner path. May we all walk each other home and live an authentic life of wisdom, love and compassion.
Anahata Giri & Aruna Giri
One Heart Yoga & Meditation