For yoga classes with Anahata:

For several years I have taken classes with Anahata Giri. Her yoga is inspiring. She has developed a style of teaching that often begins gently but builds to a very complete and demanding sequence, all in a gracious and gentle atmosphere. Her yoga is deep and engages one on many levels. She is a lovely role model, having a feminine, poised and generous manner, unaffected and helpful. For several years I and my partner have looked forward to a deep and sensitive yoga session on Sunday mornings with Anahata, who has been consistent and kind, while also extending our capacity both physically and inwardly. She is a very skilled, unpretentious and strong teacher and I recommend her work strongly.

– Julia White, March 2013

Anahata is a wonderful yoga teacher. I have been to her classes twice weekly since moving from NZ in 2009. I enjoy the way her classes integrate asana, pranayama, sound work and meditation, and dynamically combine strength, movement and deep connection to the breath. In class, she provides a beautiful balance between sensitive guidance, and holding space for a deep personal practice. Her own grounded and curious nature permeates her classes, and her regular following of students have become somewhat of an extended family.

– Jacqui Chan, March 2013

Testimonials for The Yoga of Birth: Teaching Prenatal Yoga: Graduate Certificate

The prenatal training with Anahata was outstanding. As a woman who has never had children, this training gave me the opportunity to dive deep into exploring the experience of pregnancy, giving birth and yoga as a wonderful tool to support woman through this sacred process. The training was very thorough and flowed beautifully. Anahata guided us through prenatal yoga classes, provided factual information and a very comprehensive manual, opportunities for information sharing and growth as a group and as individual teachers. This training has enriched my teaching, my personal yoga practice and opened me up to new and wonderful ways of viewing pregnancy and birth.

– Ingrid Jolley, Yoga of Birth Training, 2012

Thank you Anahata for this great workshop! Your teaching style is down to earth, clear and practical. You offered safe & interesting sequencing, useful sound practices, along with simple yet potent meditations, all of which are invaluable tools for pregnancy and birth. I’m very excited to commence teaching prenatal yoga with complete confidence thanks to this integrated workshop.

– Jodie Murray, Yoga of Birth Training, 2012

The Yoga of Birth: Teaching Prenatal Yoga Training was incredible. Thorough and inspiring, informative and moving; the elements focus provides a perfect structure from which to both view the journey of pregnancy and birth, and guides the teacher in planning classes effectively. Really balanced and beautiful approach, especially the emphasis on birth and empowerment. I left the training with greater confidence, inner strength, self trust, awareness, ability to surrender, and felt myself becoming gentler, more grounded and able to nurture the nurturer. I am so honoured to teach prenatal Yoga and passionate about the classes Together we celebrate the miraculous gift of life that flows through us: embodied, luminous, Divine.

– Lesley Fox, Yoga of Birth Training 2012

Anahata Giri’s ‘Yoga of Birth’ training was a truly enriching experience. I came away with practical tools & knowledge to apply directly to my teaching. But more profoundly was given the opportunity to re- explore my own experience of becoming a mother which reaffirmed how vital yoga is on this sacred journey.

– Renee Willner, Yoga of Birth Training 2012

The Yoga of Birth Prenatal yoga teacher training was wonderful, informative and inspiring. Anahata provided a perfect blend of practice and theory with enthusiasm and encouragement to bring my own style to my teaching.

– Belinda Blackburn, Yoga of Birth Training, 2012

Thank you Anahata for a wonderful teacher training course. Your very practical approach, which included pretty much everything (asanas, meditation, relaxation, philosophy, personal experience, written and video material) suited me very well and I am now, not just confident but very keen, to start teaching my own prenatal classes. Also your availability after the course as a mentor is a big advantage. I learned about your course word-by-mouth, and will definitely tell my yoga friends who would like to specialise in prenatal yoga.

– Nina Hakamies, Yoga of Birth Training, 2012

Thank you so much Anahata for a wonderful and comprehensive prenatal yoga teacher training. 4 days of joy filled learning in a beautiful space, led by a teacher who embodies yoga. I look forward to many more trainings with you! And thank you to the other students who created a loving, warm, and sharing experience. I believe your Yoga of Birth Teacher Training is invaluable preparation and a “must” for Yoga teachers planning to teach prenatal classes. I now feel confident that I will be offering my students well thought out classes based on a sound understanding of safe poses and alignment for the many special circumstances that might accompany pregnancy. Namaste

– Caroline Calnan Yoga of Birth 2013

Testimonials for mentoring for yoga teachers

Anahata became a mentor for me in my first year of yoga teaching. She was able to emotionally support me and empower me to follow the path I felt most inspired by. Anahata is a wonderful listener and has been able to offer me the emotional and practical support and guidance most needed, in different stages of my personal and professional growth and development. Anahata has been very generous with sharing her knowledge, experience and networks to further enhance my business and teaching. Having Anahata as a mentor has been invaluable and she is an inspiring woman to learn from and work with.

– Ingrid Jolley, 2013

Every yoga teacher should have at least one mentor. After completing my teacher training, I confidently went out to share my love and knowledge of yoga. But it wasn’t until I started teaching and seeing students with so many different bodies and their individual restrictions that you develop this long list of questions and concerns that no teacher training can comprehensively cover. This type of knowledge comes only from experience, over years and years of teaching, from a very experienced teacher. I felt like I’d struck gold when I discovered Anahata Giri was offering mentoring sessions. With decades of being a yoga practitioner and a dedicated teacher, she has vast knowledge to share in general yoga, prenatal, sound practices, chanting, meditation & pranayama and more. Having the mentoring sessions allows me to continue to develop my skills and explore new ways to be an effective teacher. Anahata is open and easy going, offering a safe and confidential space to share ideas, concerns, challenges, and experiences and giving practical tools to firstly apply to my own practice and then share with students. Highly recommended!

– Jodie Murray, 2013

Testimonials for Aruna Giri for meditation retreats

Aruna Giri’s short retreats have become essential time-outs in my hectic life, helping me to regularly rejuvenate and find calmness in the middle of even stressful situations. Aruna’s approach is refreshingly simple and focuses on the core of meditation – sitting quietly in beautiful surroundings.

– Robert Leach

Thank-you Aruna, for your teaching and instruction this weekend. Your words and presence has brought a great deal of healing and nourishment to this soul. I feel so blessed to have experienced so much love, acceptance and support by the group and by the Maitripa space and surrounds. I find myself deeply humbled by the poetic simplicity of how Stillness gives way to direct perception and the poignancy of how glimpses and insights come without the need for the minds analytical churning. As I observed the usual projections, I found they could not manifest to their full potential, rather than take pleasure from this relief, I love how this lends itself to a gentler and more compassionate way of seeing. Rob’s words as we sat in the closing circle really resonated with me, that even if the outer self, what we show to the world crumbles, what lies beneath is never changing and constant. This really encapsulates the sense of Being I got to connect with over the weekend. I feel tender as i open, yet I’m lighter. With sincere and deep-felt gratitude,

– Ana

Thank you once again for the retreat, it was a very special weekend – beautiful connected healing space. I am really grateful for having had the experience of being surrounded by a warm accepting and open group of people. I really appreciated your calm easy presence, your relaxed and inclusive manner- your authenticity. It was lovely to meet you and spend time in the beautiful surroundings at the centre. The fire was definitely ignited for me – it burnt but it was cleansing! I have gained key insights and healing – To my surprise I have experienced a deeper sense of acceptance and contentment. So thank you. With gratitude,

– Sharon

Thank you again for a wonderful retreat. Although parts of the 4 days were very challenging, my experience was amazing and I’m feeling very grateful for the opportunity. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

– Sarah

I feel that after the retreat my meditation practice is now a necessary part of my daily life in which I will continue with wherever I am on the path. Thanks again for the many insightful moments throughout our 5 day journey. With gratitude & love,

– Stefanie

Thank you for a wonderful experience over the four day retreat. Together the venue, yourself and fellow members of the retreat provided a very peaceful and safe environment in which to be still and reflect. I learnt through the discussions which hepled to guide my reflections. This retreat was something that I have been meaning to do for a long time and it has started a very positive journey for me that will continue through the rest of my life. To be truly at peace with ourselves must help us to be more compassionate with others, especially during trying times when we have to dig deep to maintain our own sense of peace and calm. On Wednesday, while still on leave, I received a distressing call from a work colleague. They noted the calm with which I received the news and I realized that in fact I did feel calm, still very concerned and ready to assist as usual, but with a calmness that would not necessarily have been there before. I can only put this down to the effects of the retreat and the commencement of a new journey and perspective.

– Irene

Thank you for a very positive uplifting experience. It was lovely to share this retreat with such a great group of people, enriching my time on this retreat. I found your approach to meditation very open, enabling me to broaden my own practice without feeling like I have to follow a particular technique. Before the retreat my meditation practice was becoming too much like a routine, becoming a bit stuck. I now feel refreshed and my approach is renewed!

– Demelza.

Testimonials for Aruna Giri for Urban Retreats

I am just writing to say thank you for the retreat yesterday. It was a very peaceful space and a great experience. What you said about letting things be, and to embrace the unknown, and that the aches and pains of the body were part of the process, sunk home for me yesterday. Prior to that, I felt that I wasn’t very good at meditation, because I had so many thoughts and body aches. Once I could let go and allow things to be, I was able to reach a state of peace and could feel the warmth of the energy flow. Thanks once again and I am very grateful. kind regards,

– Wendy

Testimonials for the South India Retreat with Aruna Giri

During this retreat I felt increasingly calm and alive at the same time. If needed, there was ample support available from Aruna and, via him, the group. The retreat centre is run by a warm couple who were focused on us having a comfortable stay and happily tried to solve any problems that arose. The centre sits amongst rice fields and paddocks, so we heard and witnessed the rhythms of farm life; a different and grounding experience of India.

– Sarah F.

Aruna’s retreats are simple, unpretentious and get to the heart of meditation – sitting quietly in beautiful surroundings. On a basic level, Aruna’s retreats are genuinely restorative time-outs from a hectic life that bring me back to calmness and happiness. On another level, changes happen that I can’t explain.

– Rob Murray

For Retreats and Weekly Meditation

I love Aruna’s retreats and sits. Aruna creates a beautiful, open, peaceful space whether it is at a retreat or during weekly sessions.

– Sarah Bonning