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Prenatal Yoga as Preparation for Birth

Guidance for yoga teachers and students on how to use prenatal yoga to empower women for birth
By Anahata Giri
Prenatal yoga is an effective way to help women prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for one of the most powerful experiences a woman may have in her life: childbirth. To do this, prenatal yoga needs to offer more than just “inner” tools. Prenatal yoga can be a forum to help women understand the social reality of birth today

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Birth as Meditation, Birth as Awakening: We need a Vision of Birth

‘All of creation is with her as she becomes the very passage for life itself. And when the moment arrives to receive the fruit of her love, she is truly there in that silent joyous space to meet the small one with reverence and wonder.’ (p.210 Maria Rosenstone, cited in Leboyer).
Conscious birth and meditation share the same essential process: a deep embrace of life as it unfolds

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Effective Ways to Embrace the Pain and the Power of Birth!

“A factor in labour is the intense sensation. It is beyond the expectations of anyone who has never given birth. This intense sensation is simply a part of the whole, and when there is no fear, it simply is.” Osho
Pain is the Power of Birth!
– Pain is a strong sensation that grabs your attention – and you need to pay attention to your body! Where your attention

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The Benefits of Yoga in Later Life

The Need for and the Benefits of Yoga in Later Life
by Harriet Morgan, registered Yoga Teacher
The Effects of Ageing
 Reduction in Muscle Mass and Strength
 Reduction in Bone Density
 Reduction in Cardiovascular fitness
 Reduction in Cognitive Function
Possible psychological effects:
 Increased incidence of depression  Decreased quality of life
 Sense of loneliness
 Sense of ‘giving up’
What is Yoga?
Yoga postures are designed to strengthen and align

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Most yoga teachers I know see their yoga practice and teaching as a sacred quest. A yoga teacher ripens by processing life, as it arises, day by day, year by year. It is a special and unique profession indeed where our emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and embodied growth helps us to develop as yoga teachers. This quest involves a continuing journey of self-reflection. It is very natural that

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Haiku written on a Zen Meditation Retreat

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Supporting the

A poem about yoga

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luminous presence poem

40 Ways that Yoga Heals

Yoga The Ultimate Self-Care 8

When you invest in a yoga class, you invest in your health.

Here are 40 ways, supported by evidence, that yoga facilitates improved health and well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Of course, to maximise the health benefits you need to find the right style of yoga that suits your needs. This may include active practices, gentler practices, yoga asana and

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How to practise Continuous Om Chanting

“The mantra OM is complete, utterly simple, focuses attention and evokes our awakening.” – Anahata Giri
The practice of Continuous Om Chanting is one of my favourite sound practices.
Om is an incredibly resonant sound that naturally draws us into its warm, vast, absorbing and embracing sound. Continuous Om Chanting generates and stabilises our prana, cleanses us both physiologically and psychically, clears and steadies the mind, opens the heart and allows us to rest into consciousness itself. There

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