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Early Morning Yoga Course with Patrick Glennan September 26 – October 24

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These courses are an invitation to sustain and deepen your practice and explore an integrated approach to yoga. We will use yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy as tools for self-understanding. The practices are explored as springboards for a deep inquiry into our inner experience, to illuminate the way we live our lives.
About Patrick Glennan
Patrick has been teaching yoga for over nine years. He has

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Yoga as Transformation: Early Morning Course with Kat Marcoux begins June 29

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Yoga as a potent practice for transformation
Explore yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy as potent practices to touch your own essence. Welcoming and letting go of our own resistances, both physical and subtle, will be a central theme in the practices we will explore.
In this 4-week course, you will:
– Enjoy fluid asana sequences with alignment-based cues,

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“I usually hate yoga” – confessions from the yoga mat

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I was a guest yoga teacher recently, on two meditation retreats. In these retreats we explored yoga as a somatic, mostly self-directed experience, with students following and trusting their inner inquiry, rather than mimicking the teacher. For many this approach to yoga was a revelation.
After both these retreats, several students shared with me an outpouring of why they usually hate yoga. A reminder that these students

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Yoga asana as Somatic Inquiry – or let’s not mistake the map for the terrain

I recently had a thought-provoking conversation with fellow yoga teacher Heather Blashki, exploring the question of how do we inspire students to trust and feel their somatic experience as a guide for asana, rather than the common tendency to simply copy the teacher? I came away from this conversation with an urge to describe a somatic approach to yoga.
A few days later my friend Ilan Abrahams sent

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One Heart will be closed June 12 & 13, reopens Tuesday June 14

Have a great long weekend!

Prenatal Yoga as Preparation for Birth

Guidance for yoga teachers and students on how to use prenatal yoga to empower women for birth
By Anahata Giri
Prenatal yoga is an effective way to help women prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for one of the most powerful experiences a woman may have in her life: childbirth. To do this, prenatal yoga needs to offer more than just “inner” tools. Prenatal yoga can be a forum to help women understand the social reality of birth today

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Sacred Sound Immersion for Yoga Teachers – Saturday June 11 2016

This one day immersion aims to provide teachers/trainee teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to bring uplifting mantras and sound practices into their teaching. This is intensive professional development tailored to meet the needs of yoga and meditation teachers.
We will explore mantra and chanting as a way to deepen our breath, focus our minds and open our hearts. The use of sound can release and transform

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One Heart One World: Yoga and Meditation Retreat Cup Weekend 3-7 November 2017


with Anahata Giri at Maitripa, Healesville, Victoria

A retreat gives us the space to receive the extraordinary gifts that are waiting for us in our practice. We will explore practice as a deep, sensing, listening way of being so we can deeply attune to our inner wisdom. Embracing the felt sense of the body gives us a clear foundation to stand in our own truth. Embracing

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NEW: Prenatal yoga Mondays 6.30pm, casual, join any time

Nourish you and your baby – and prepare for birth – with prenatal yoga
“When the intensity of childbirth is beyond what we can imagine, our practice helps us connect with our precious resource: our fearless, unwavering awareness. Women who are well prepared and with aligned professional support, can then embrace the intensity of birth, moment by moment. Then childbirth becomes an empowering embrace of life.” – Anahata Giri

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Next Urban Retreat 18 June: The Inner Smile of Compassion

A whole day of nourishing practice for just $85. We will explore the inner smile that radiates naturally as we connect with our essential wholeness and how to develop authentic compassion.
These urban retreats are an immersion into the heart of practice. Within each of us is a natural ground of being that is already awake. We discover this inner presence through the breath, the heart, the body,

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