Love in Action 6 Week Series begins 10 November 2017

with Anahata Giri
Personal empowerment, spiritual nourishment and heart-based nonviolent activism to support our work in the world
Our times require us to dig deep through self-knowing and to step up through action in the world. We integrate our inner world and outer action, to embody an authentic and empowered expression of love in action in the world. My work is committed to supporting love in action through awareness and empowerment circles that inspire a rich conversation for personal, social, political and spiritual transformation.
This circle will foster self-awareness, self-wisdom and self-love, to support our ability to make our unique and loving contribution in the world. How can we move beyond entrenched fear-based conditioning and bring our listening, our empowerment, our love into the world? What is your place in this movement? Whether we act within the realm of the family, workplace, community or globe, our actions can help create a better world for all beings. What is your love song to the world?
You are invited to join our circle of humans who care, who care about changing ourselves and changing the world. We will draw on the embodied listening and emotional wisdom of the personal realm; the deep interconnectedness of the spiritual realm and the action of the nonviolent social change realm. The personal, spiritual and social change paradigms offer different and crucial perspectives on this thing called love, to help us reclaim love as a personal, spiritual and political force for the change that our world needs.
The Love in Action Series is a six week facilitated group conversation and inquiry that combines listening practices, reflective writing exercises, discussion, nonviolence teachings, with a little embodied movement and meditative practices, within a supportive shared learning environment. This will be a closed group to build trust for a deep inquiry into our lives. The group will be sensitively facilitated with deep listening and respect offered reflecting the worth of each participant.
Who is this group for?
– yoga and meditation practitioners and spiritual seekers who want to bring their practice into action in the world
– community workers/activists who want to deepen their work with inner tools
– spiritual seekers who want to integrate spirituality with emotional wisdom and social action
– anyone looking for inner purpose and direction
– those who want to grow themselves as a caring human being who dares to act
The group is open to those who are very experienced or completely new to nonviolent social change or to awareness-based practice. We will all bring our experience as human beings.
Your Facilitator: Anahata Giri Anahata is excited to bring 30 years experience of nonviolent social change, yoga, writing, listening practices and group facilitation experience to this new project, to facilitate self-love and love in the world.
Where: At One Heart at the Abbotsford Convent
When: Fridays 6.00-8.00pm
Dates: A six week series from 10 November – 8 December 2017
Cost: $210.00 for the six weeks; $35 per session
The maximum number of participants is 13, then the group will be closed for the duration. This series will be run a few times a year. You are welcome to express your interest for a future group and to be on our mailing list.
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Interested to book in?
If you would like to join our circle, please send an email to If you have any questions please feel free to email me or phone me.