About our Meditation Classes

Meditation is a connection with the essence of our being. This essence has qualities of peace, contentment, silence and stillness. It can be sensed as a continuous presence of aliveness that underlies our daily life. Meditation is the witnessing of the whole, in this moment, without conditions. As we allow this undivided, vibrant presence to permeate our lives, we can directly experience a deep communion with all of life. This brings nourishment, meaning and inspiration. From a deep well of quiet within, a natural ease and buoyancy in life arises.
We use simple meditation techniques to help us to reside deeply in this inner beingness. These techniques include mindfulness of the body’s sensations and breath, self-inquiry, restorative yoga postures, walking meditation, standing meditation and heart-based meditation. Through meditation practice, we make direct contact with our felt experience. We witness thoughts, sensations, emotions, habits, just as they are. When we are willing to meet with full acceptance, whatever is waiting for us when we practice, then, paradoxically, transformation naturally occurs.
We move beyond entrenched conditioning and rest in a ground of being that is open, spacious and authentic. Our habits and conditioning become as transient as a cloud. We become aware of awareness itself, pure being, like a vast sky. As we rest into the sky of our own beingness, this give us perspective and space around whatever else is arising. This is freeing in a simple yet profound way. Meditation is a fundamental practice for living life from the heart.
We offer weekly meditation classes for those new and experienced at meditation. We offer 6 Week Meditation Courses to begin or refresh a meditation practice. We also offer one day monthly Urban Retreats at One Heart that have an emphasis on meditation and we offer residential meditation retreats.