Class Descriptions & Booking

We have a range of courses and casual classes to suit beginners and experienced and those who want a dynamic or mindful practice. For casual classes, no booking is needed, you just turn up. For courses, booking is essential

Class Descriptions

Integrated Yoga – casual class In this class you will explore a holistic practice of yoga postures, flowing sequences, pranayama and breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. This is an active class that will build flexibility and strength, that also includes meditative practices. Suitable for those with experience and those newish to yoga.
Dynamic Yoga – casual class This class explores a holistic approach as outlined above in Integrated Yoga, with an emphasis on a more physically dynamic practice to develop strength, stamina and flexibility. Suitable for those with at least 6 months yoga experience.
Gentle Integrated Yoga – casual class This class is a gentler version of our Integrated Yoga classes, suitable for those who need a gentler practice. The class explores a rounded practice of yoga postures, flowing sequences, pranayama and breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. All practices are shown in stages with options for different abilities. This class is suitable for those with experience and beginners.
Slow Flow Yoga Course
A continuous flowing class where movement is synchronised with the breath, to bring a concentrated, meditative quality to your yoga practice. The pace is slow to allow plenty of space for mindfulness and inner exploration. The practice is gently active and deeply mindful. Suitable for beginners and for those who want a gentle and mindful approach.
BOOK HERE for Slow Flow Yoga Course Wednesday 9.30-10.30pm
BOOK HERE for Slow Flow Yoga Course Thursdays 7.45-9.00pm
Yin/Restorative Yoga CourseThe first section of the class is the exploration of yin yoga, a practice that is earth bound where we hold forms for a longer duration of time (generally 3-5 minutes) and apply compression and traction to a particular target area in order to influence the deeper connective tissues within the body. The second part to the session involves deep restorative practices where we learn to rest the body, create a re-set for the nervous system and promote a calm mind. Suitable for complete beginners and experienced students.
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Yoga Nidra Course
Yoga nidra connects you with the Quiet Space within. Yoga nidra is an opportunity to refresh, revitalise and deeply restore. It is a deeply restorative meditation-based form of yoga, done lying down. Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep” and it offers a pathway to deep rest. You will be guided and supported to experience an alert yet profoundly relaxed state. It’s said 45 minutes of yoga nidra is as restorative as 3 hours sleep! During the practice, layers of mental, physical and emotional holding can be released, to rest into a nourishing inner presence of wholeness and ease.
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Whether you are an experienced meditator or complete beginner, this ancient technique is safe and effective. Benefits include improved health, better sleep, decreased stress and anxiety and the transformation of thoughts and habits.
In this course you will create your personalised intention and week by week connect more and more to the beauty and light within. Receive a free recording to use at home to deepen further into practice.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course
Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a yoga practice designed as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma.
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These sessions are designed to create a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment to enable participants to explore the connection between body and breath through physical forms and movements based on Hatha Yoga, with the opportunity of building a positive relationship with their body. Unlike many general yoga sessions, no physical hands-on adjustments are offered, and the focus is more on the participants’ internal experience as opposed to the external form. Trauma sensitive yoga empowers participants to create choices for their own practice based on the felt sense of being in their body. The practice is based on Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga developed at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.
This practice is suitable for trauma survivors with PTSD/ Complex Trauma and who are either in therapy or who have access to a therapist. It is suitable for complete beginners or experienced students.
Mums and Pre-crawling Bubs Yoga – casual class This class is suitable for mums and their pre-crawling babes in arms. Nourish yourself as a mother with yoga, breathing, relaxation, interactive fun with your baby and connection with other mums. Enjoy a gentle easing back into yoga with safe postnatal practices including overall strengthening and stretching, abdominal toning, pelvic floor work and baby massage. We create a supportive and friendly space for mums and babies and empower women in their mothering journey.

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When: Thursday 11.00am-12.00pm
Frequently asked questions about Mums and Bubs Yoga:
When can I start yoga after birth?
You are welcome to join once you have the go ahead from your health practitioner – this is usually from 6 weeks onwards post-birth or, after a caesarean birth, about 12 weeks after birth.
What if there are complications from my birth?
If you have complications from your birthing experience (such as prolapsed pelvic organs or ongoing pelvic girdle pain or rectus abdominal diastasis) please contact Anahata (yoga teacher and yoga therapist) and discuss options. It may be best to have some one-to-one sessions to meet your specific needs, as a bridge into the group sessions.
What if my baby cries during the class?
Not a problem. Everyone in the class (including Renee) is a Mum, and all know what it’s like when your children don’t behave exactly as you might like them to! Some babies are fascinated with what is going on, some enjoy joining in, some “chat” enthusiastically, some even go to sleep. And yes, some occasionally grizzle or cry a bit. You can always pick them up, feed them, cuddle them or do whatever you need to do to settle them. But you might be surprised how relaxed the babies are in class and how much they enjoy it. Whatever happens, it’s all part of the fun.
What if we’ve had a terrible night and we’re both exhausted?
Sometimes these are the days when you need yoga the most! You are always welcome to go at your pace, take time out with your baby and do the practice in a way that suits you.
What if I haven’t done much yoga before?

This is fine, all levels of yoga experience are catered for. Renee gives plenty of options with each set of stretches so you can adapt it to whatever is comfortable for you.
What if I can’t commit to coming every week?

This is fine also. You can pay by single class and come when you can or our 5 class pass has an 8 week time frame so you can miss classes if you need to.
So why should I come, again?
In the words of two of Rennee’s past students:
“Because it’s fabulous! It’s a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and it’s really lovely to have the time not only to do something for yourself, but also to connect with your baby and chat with other new mums. We love the classes and have found they have really helped us enjoy the tough weeks as well as the good ones.” Amanda Dunn and Sally Haydon

Meditation We will explore the art and techniques of meditation with an emphasis on the breath, body awareness and mindfulness. When we fully inhabit the body, we can release our layers of conditioning and rest in the part of ourselves that is spacious, open and naturally awake. From this inner beingness, meaning, direction and inspiration can naturally arise. When we connect with this presence in a genuine way, it can be life-transforming. Suitable for beginners and experienced students. Sessions will include both guided and silent (unguided) practice to accommodate both beginners and experienced students.
Meditation 5 Week Course
Learn the art and techniques of the ancient practice of meditation, which has great value in our contemporary lives. We will explore simple yet profound methods for connecting with the insight of a still and spacious presence within. Practices include body awareness, breath awareness, sitting and walking meditation and restful restorative postures. Suitable for beginners and those who want to refresh their meditation practice.
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Many evidence-based studies have shown that meditation is a wonderful life skill that nourishes our physical, emotional, mental and overall wellbeing. When we fully inhabit the body, we can release our layers of conditioning and rest in the part of ourselves that is spacious, open and naturally awake. From this inner beingness, meaning, direction and inspiration can naturally arise. When we connect with this presence in a genuine way, it can be life-transforming.
This course is suitable for complete beginners and for those wanting to refresh their meditation practice. The first half of the session is guided for those newer to meditation; the second half of the session is mostly silent (unguided) to allow all students to integrate the practice and make it their own.
Students who attend the course are also welcome to attend the following weekly meditation sessions held at One Heart. All these sessions are by donation:
Meditation Monday 5.00-6.00pm
Meditation Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm
Day & Times: Wednesday 8.00-9.00pm
Dates: 14 February – 14 March
Price: $110
Booking essential
Book here for 5 Week Meditation Course: Foundations

Self-Practice with Coaching – Booking essential
What is Supported Self-Practice?
Imagine doing your own yoga practice, moving through a series of postures and practices, surrounded by others also practising at their pace, in a nurturing space dedicated to practice, while the teacher gives one-to-one support during the session. Your practice will be designed in collaboration with the teacher and will be a highly personalised and holistic yoga program of postures, pranayama and meditation, specifically adapted to your level of experience and your needs.
Self-Practice 1 Month Pass: 1 session a week

Self-Practice 1 Month Pass: 2 sessions a week


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As you practice over months, the sequence becomes familiar, which enables your moving to be deeply embodied, to become a moving meditation. The repetition, familiarity and rhythm of your practice deepens your experience of your body, your breath and your beingness. Your practice will also be fine-tuned and changed as needed.
The depth of trust that builds within yourself and with the teacher in these sessions also allows for a deeper conversation about how to use yoga and meditation to negotiate the challenges of life’s events. This is the perfect way to immerse in a deeper inquiry into your practice and explore how to integrate your practice into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways of being.
Practice is a gift in my life. I would love to be able to help students find their own yoga practice and fully claim their inner teacher and guide, so they can live life more fully. This is the purpose of these Self-Practice sessions. It is an awesome way to practise yoga and I am very excited to share this more personalised approach with students.
Who is Self-Practice for?
Self-Practice is suitable for those who:
– feel ready to find their own practice. Whilst we learn a great deal from teachers, these sessions emphasise learning from ourselves, from our own practice, from the teacher within.
– want to deepen their yoga, pranayama and meditation practice
– want ongoing one-to-one, personalised support and guidance, at an affordable price.
– want to be self-directed in the exploration and pacing of their practice
– have specific therapeutic needs that may not be met in a general class.
– are willing to commit to a weekly practice, as self-practice does take extra committment.
– have some yoga experience.
Self-Practice session times:
Tuesday 6.15-9.00am You arrive and leave any time you prefer
Thursday 6.15-9.00am
You arrive and leave when you want to during the session times. Your practice can be for as long as suits you.
You can join any week, dependent on availability as sessions are limited to 10 students. Booking is essential. You can come twice a week (recommended) or once a week.
How do I join the Self-practice sessions?
To join please phone or email me and we will discuss your needs and assess if these sessions are suitable for you. If you have never done a yoga class with me before you will need to attend a general yoga class with me to see if my approach resonates with you.
All students will need to attend an individual consultation of 1.5 hours, to fully assess your needs and hopes for your practice. In this session we will collaborate to design a program that suits you.  
Self-Practice Costs:
Initial 1.5 hour individual consultation: $120, includes session and written personalised yoga program
Self-Practice: First 1.5 hour individiual consultation

Self-Practice Sessions:
1 Monthly pass: 4 sessions per month (1 session a week) $100 ($25 per session). This pass is valid for 1 calendar month from first visit except if there is illness or absence notified 24 hours in advance.
1 Monthly pass: 8 sessions per month (2 sessions a week) $160 ($20 per session).
Self-Practice 1 Month Pass: 1 session a week
Booking is essential.
Self-Practice 1 Month Pass: 2 sessions a week
Booking is essential.
Please book by phoning Anahata on 0410 950 606 or email

Beginners Yoga 10 Week Course Our beginners yoga courses provide a systematic introduction to yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. We keep numbers small in the class to ensure you receive personalised attention and to adapt the practice to suit your individual needs. We will explore how yoga can develop strength, flexibility, mindfulness, mental and emotional balance and overall wellbeing. We have an emphasis on alignment and grounding to ensure you practice safely and effectively. This course gives a firm foundation for your ongoing practice.
BOOK HERE for Beginners Yoga 10 Week Course

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Beginners Yoga Courses at One Heart
This course is suitable for those with no experience of yoga, or for those who have a little experience who want to refresh the basics to develop a solid foundation for your yoga practice.
Next Courses:
Monday 8.00-9.15pm 10 Week Course
January 29 – April 16
Students are welcome to join in the first three weeks
Venue: At One Heart, Room 31, Level 1 WellBeing at the Convent 1 St Helier’s Street Abbotsford. (See separate location map as we are a little challenging to find the first time!)
Price: $225 for the 10 Week Course. Please note due to our small-sized classes we do not give refunds once the course begins except in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of One Heart.
Book Here for Beginners Yoga Course
We allow 2 make-up classes per 10 week course – if you miss two classes you can make these up with any classes of the other beginners yoga course OR 2 casual Yoga classes within one month of the 8 week course finishing (no need to book for these, just turn up). We also have a special offer of 50% off a 10 Class Pass on completion of the Beginners Yoga Course. This means you receive 10 classes for only $95 once you have finished the beginners course.
How to prepare for your yoga class:
– Wear comfortable clothing such as leggings or tracksuit pants. We work in barefoot.
– You do not need to bring anything – all yoga props supplied.
– Avoid a large meal 2 hours before the class.
– It is best to be well hydrated during the day of your practice so you don’t need to drink during your practice (but do drink during your practice if you need to).
– Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to register.
If you have any questions please phone Anahata on 0410 950 606 or email: