Yoga 10 Week Course: Burning Zeal, Self-Study & Surrender

Yoga 10 Week Course with Patrick Glennan
Tapas – Burning Zeal, Svadhyaya – Self-Study and Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender: the balancing act of yoga.
Friday 6.30-8.00am March 17 – May 26

In the Yoga Sutras (II.I), Patanjali lists these three principles – tapas, svadhyaya and ishvara pranidhana – as the acts of yoga, and they form a complete approach in and of themselves. In this ten week course we will explore how these “acts” might guide us in our practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra.
Through our practice we aim to deepen our understanding of what we are doing, to help negotiate what can seem like a confusion of diversity and choice, bringing us back to what is essential and of greatest benefit.
Patrick Glennan
Patrick has been teaching yoga since 2004. Having studied many different styles and with many different teaches, he enjoys exploring a range of different practices, so that no two classes are ever the same. What remains constant, however, is a strong meditative focus. While always aiming to challenge students, he also encourages them to work in a way that is appropriate to their own abilities and circumstances, with the overarching aim of opening to a clearer understanding of their own deeper nature. Patrick is also a student of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Zen, and is a trained practitioner of Mondo Zen Koan Dialogue Practice (developed by Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi). As well as weekly yoga and meditation classes, he also runs regular retreats both in Australia and abroad.
When: Friday 6.30-8.00am March 10 – May 19
Please note there will be no class on Good Friday April 14. Students can do two make up classes per course: by attending two casual classes from the One Heart timetable, within one month of the course finishing, to make up for two missed classes.
Cost: $200 full price $185 concession. Please note that if you are concession please pay in person by cash on the first day and show your concession card. Thanks.
To book please make your payment online before the course begins. Go here to make your payment online.