Yoga Nidra 5 Week Course

Yoga nidra connects you with the Quiet Space within. Yoga nidra is an opportunity to refresh, revitalise and deeply restore. It is a deeply restorative meditation-based form of yoga, done lying down. Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep” and it offers a pathway to deep rest. You will be guided and supported to experience an alert yet profoundly relaxed state. It’s said 45 minutes of yoga nidra is as restorative as 3 hours sleep! During the practice, layers of mental, physical and emotional holding can be released, to rest into a nourishing inner presence of wholeness and ease.
Whether you are an experienced meditator or complete beginner, this ancient technique is safe and effective. Benefits include improved health, better sleep, decreased stress and anxiety and the transformation of thoughts and habits.
In this course you will create your personalised intention and week by week connect more and more to the beauty and light within. Receive a free recording to use at home to deepen further into practice.
Tuesday 10.15-11.30am
6 February – 6 March 2018
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