About Yoga & Meditation classes


Yoga and meditation bring us into relationship with our direct experience, here and now. We witness thoughts, sensations, emotions, habits, just as they are. We learn to compassionately witness our wounded parts and our natural wholeness. We can access our wholeness through this inner ground of embodiment. Embodiment is a profound resource we have for skilful living, giving us resilience. Embodiment helps us move beyond entrenched conditioning to rest in a continuous presence of aliveness that underlies our daily life. As we allow an undivided, vibrant presence to permeate our lives, we can directly experience a deep communion with all of life. This brings nourishment, meaning and inspiration. From a deep well of quiet within, we can act in the world with wisdom and compassion.

I practise yoga to enter this river of being,

to sink into the luminous presence that is right here,

to be moved by this world. 

Class Descriptions

You do not need to book for casual classes, but you can buy online discounted class passes. Courses require booking.

Integrated Yoga/Gentle Integrated – casual class 

In this class you will explore a holistic practice of yoga postures, flowing sequences, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation, all infused with yogic philosophy. This is an active class, yet mindful with space for your inquiry and adaptations, that will build flexibility and strength, that also includes meditative practices. Suitable for those with experience and those newish to yoga. The Gentle Integrated class is a gentler version, suitable for all including those who have injuries.
Integrated Yoga – NEW: Early morning course

The course will systematically cover a holistic and systematic yoga practice that includes posture sequences, mantra, relaxation and meditation. Suitable for all levels of experience. Wednesdays & Thursdays 6.30-7.30am from 16 October to 8 November; 8 sessions in total.
Restore & Meditate Course (casuals welcome also)

Restorative Yoga restores energy and is deeply nourishing. Through relaxing postures, supported with props, the body-mind can find deep rest. This allows a re-set for the nervous system and creates the ideal conditions for meditation. This combination of restful postures alongside simple meditation and mindfulness techniques helps create a calm and clear mind and helps us connect with our inner knowing. Suitable for complete beginners and experienced students. For a discounted price, book into the whole course. Casual is $25 per session.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga 10 Week Course

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) was developed at the Trauma Center  in Brookline, Massachusetts and is a yoga practice designed as treatment for  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), more specifically, Complex Trauma.

TCTSY is an evidence based practice grounded in trauma theory, attachment theory and neuroscience. How this translates into each session is through invitational language, choice making, interoception, non-coercion and shared authentic experience.  

These sessions are designed to create a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment to enable participants to explore the connection between body and breath through physical forms and movements based on Hatha Yoga, with the opportunity of building a positive relationship with their body. Unlike many general yoga sessions, no physical hands-on adjustments are offered, and the focus is more on the participants’ internal experience as opposed to the external form. TCTSY empowers participants to create choices for their own practice based on the felt sense of being in their body. 

This practice is suitable for trauma survivors with PTSD/ Complex Trauma and who are either in therapy or who have access to a therapist. It is suitable for complete beginners or experienced students. These courses are gender inclusive, if you feel uncomfortable attending a course with a mixed group please do get in touch so that we can discuss your options.
Mums and Pre-crawling Bubs Yoga – casual class 

This class is suitable for mums and their pre-crawling babes in arms. Nourish yourself as a mother with yoga, breathing, relaxation, interactive fun with your baby and connection with other mums. Enjoy a gentle easing back into yoga with safe postnatal practices including overall strengthening and stretching, abdominal toning, pelvic floor work and baby massage. We create a supportive and friendly space for mums and babies and empower women in their mothering journey. The class is tailored to meet women's post-natal care, however Dads and carers are also welcome to attend.

Meditation casual or course 

We will explore the art and techniques of meditation with an emphasis on the breath, body awareness and mindfulness. When we fully inhabit the body, we can release our layers of conditioning and rest in the part of ourselves that is spacious, open and naturally awake. From this inner beingness, meaning, direction and inspiration can naturally arise. When we connect with this presence in a genuine way, it can be life-transforming. Suitable for beginners and experienced students. Sessions will include both guided and silent (unguided) practice to accommodate both beginners and experienced students.

Self-Practice Yoga with Coaching – Booking essential

Self-practice is the GOLD of yoga. Imagine doing your own yoga practice, moving through a series of postures and practices, surrounded by others also practising at their pace, in a nurturing space dedicated to practice, while the teacher gives one-to-one support during the session. Your practice will be designed in collaboration with the teacher and will be a highly personalised and holistic yoga program of postures, pranayama and meditation, specifically adapted to your level of experience and your needs. To begin, book a 1.5 hour session with Anahata to discuss your needs and so she can develop a unique program suited to you. Then you come along to one or two self-practice sessions a week.

Beginners Yoga 8 Week Course 

Our beginners yoga courses provide a systematic introduction to yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. We keep numbers small in the class to ensure you receive personalised attention and to adapt the practice to suit your individual needs. We will explore how yoga can develop strength, flexibility, mindfulness, mental and emotional balance and overall wellbeing. We have an emphasis on alignment and grounding to ensure you practice safely and effectively. This course gives a firm foundation for your ongoing practice.

Prenatal Yoga 8 Week Course/Casual classes 

Pregnancy and birth can be one of the most transformative experiences. Explore the many ways yoga can support and nourish your body, mind and heart during pregnancy and help prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth of your baby. This course offers a safe and supportive environment in which practices can be modified to suit your changing needs during your pregnancy. Suitable for all trimesters and all levels of yoga experience.