Deep Listening Circles

to support our work in the world


I live my life in widening circles

that reach out across the world - R. M. Rilke

..we are changing from a society whose organising principle is the pyramid or hierarchy to one whose image is a circle….Humans are linked, not ranked. Humans and the environment are linked, not ranked. - Gloria Steinem

I believe there is a global movement that is gathering momentum, a movement of people who see our current mainstream social system as unsustainable. A movement of people who see the connections between the many social crises facing humans today, from war, poverty, ecological crisis, social injustice, violence in all its forms and so on. This is a movement based on a deep paradigm shift in consciousness, and profound structural and systemic change. This movement is part of what eco-philosopher Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning - a transition from a fear-based, violence-based industrial society to a life-sustaining society based on nonviolence and love.

To help power this movement, I have a vision of people coming together in circles, to hold space, to speak and listen deeply to ourselves and each other. From such deep listening we discover our truth, our meaning, our purpose, our action, and fortify our courage so we can take our next steps.

What are the Deep Listening Circles?

The Circle sessions are facilitated monthly sessions that use deep listening skills and simple activities to create a safe and supportive forum for deep sharing about our relationship with the world around us. Participants are encouraged to speak freely from their embodiment, their emotions, their thoughts and ideas. The forum is a safe and welcoming space for emotional expression. Emotions are valued as powerful messengers. We will practise ways to deeply listen to ourselves and each other using: drawing, stream of consciousness writing, free movement and embodied listening practices.

The sessions are guided and focussed  with open questions for inner inquiry. Small groups will be used to help foster connection. The forum is open for participants to share whatever is current or use optional guided questions such as: What do I really care about? What breaks my heart at this time?

To express ourselves, witnessed by others and within community, is empowering and motivating. As we deepen our emotional resilience, this becomes the foundation for knowing our truth and for our conscious action in the world.

The Circle session provides an opportunity to meet like-minded folk and to help create a community of support for our work in the world. Participants are encouraged to share the Circle process with others, so that these circles of support ripple out into the community. 

Who are the Deep Listening Circles for? 

The Circle sessions are for anyone interested in exploring their connection with the world around them. All are welcome (aged 18+). Whether you are already deeply engaged in social change work, or you have strong feelings about the world around you and unsure how to act, you will be supported to align and deepen your action with your inner felt sense.

About your facilitator: Anahata Giri

Anahata is passionate about the fusion of embodied practice, sacred activism, deep ecology and nonviolence to help create a wise and compassionate world. She has many years experience working as a nonviolent activist, community development worker and trainer in the peace, environment and domestic violence fields. She has also taught yoga and meditation for 15 years. She is a highly experienced and skilled facilitator; her speciality is fostering the unique gifts that each individual brings to the group and to the world. 

Her qualifications include: Diploma in Community Development; Somatic Psychotherapy Diploma; Certificate IV in Small Business Management; Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has also completed Level 5 training in Focusing, the art of following the felt sense. She draws on the rich nonviolence tradition and is inspired by Joanna Macy, Gandhi and many others.  

When: Coming soon, dates to be announced. Please register your interest by emailing Anahata