Nonviolent Communication - Foundation Training

20-22 September 2019

What we say IS powerful.  Our words, and how we hear others, affect the level of trust and conflict we experience in each of our relationships. By learning NVC we bring power, compassion and love to every interaction, whether at work or home.

Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s time proven process of Nonviolent Communication, (named from alignment with Gandhi and Martin Luther King) is a world famous methodology to: 

  • Create exceptional personal and professional relationships

  • Ask for compassionate understanding for ourselves

  • Hear behind the way something is being said to hear what is really meant

  • Prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflict

  • Speak authentically, in a way that leads to harmony

  • Create willingness without coercion

Four simple steps within NVC help you let go of habits of blame, criticism, submission, aggression and “fixed thinking”.

 NVC Foundation Training


Friday 20 Sept 6pm to 9pm

Sat 21 Sept 10 to 5pm

Sun 22 Sept 11.30 to 5pm

Amount: $400 pp, $385 early bird

Friend Offer:
Bring a friend for ½ price.

Venue: One Heart, Abbotsford Convent Abbotsford

To Book go to: www.communicationgroup.com.au 

For more information contact:

or phone: Shari on 0412 233 955 

or Anahata on 0410 950 606

“Dr. Rosenberg has brought the simplicity of successful communication into the foreground. Not matter what issue you’re facing, his strategies for communicating with other will set you up to win every time.”
author, Awaken the Giant

“Shari, I have really enjoyed working with you. I’ve been reflecting on times I have done things without joy in my heart, used praise to gain repeat behaviour and not being honest or clean in my communication. Thank you for your heartfelt, competent and experienced support.  ~ Participant

About Shari Elle:

Shari is a co-founder of NVC in Australia and has offered NVC trainings since 2002. She is an Internationally Certified Trainer with CNVC and has worked extensively internationally and with Dr Marshall Rosenberg.

Shari works with people to powerfully transform their relationship challenges and to influence positive change... for themselves and the world. She mentors future NVC trainers, co-runs an 8-month Embodying NVC program, and coaches and trains individuals both privately and within organisations.