Meditation for Climate Crisis

Meditation Vigil for Climate Crisis, 7/10/10, by Anahata Giri

Meditation Vigil for Climate Crisis, 7/10/10, by Anahata Giri

Meditation: Bearing Witness, Finding Power

7 October 2019 Melbourne

I am sitting on a cushion on the steps of Melbourne’s so-called seat of power: the Parliament House. I am with about twenty other humans quietly meditating in an all-day silent meditation vigil for climate crisis.

I close my eyes. The noise of the city is raucous: the screech of tram wheels as they turn, the roar of cars, drilling noises from nearby construction, the rat-a-tat-tat of the pedestrian crossing lights when they change, the ding ding of the tram accompanying the tolling of the meditation bowl every half hour. The clamouring symphony of business as usual, rushing onwards.

Strangely, the bombardment of sound brings me into a deep, quiet centre. Internal space begins to open up. 

There are four brightly sewn banners adorning the steps at our feet. Each banner is one word. I hold each one in my inner gaze. 

Grief. Yes, I know grief. The part of me grieving feels old and deep, an ageless, wrinkled crone, grieving to see her babies die, the animals, the trees, the loss of ways of being. 

Love. This feels vast and unemotional. A vast rocky landscape, or an ocean, way beyond my small story.

Courage. There are wells of courage, within me, untested. Those who do not meditate would not know that it takes enormous courage to bear witness to all that arises from the inner psyche. I meditate and I do not move away from anything that arises. I bear witness to myself and to all that is around me. This connects me with my courage. 

Action. As I meditate I feel myself still like a rock. What action will come from deep stillness?

As I sit, I bear witness, to the destructive ways we live our lives,  and to the denial, the pursuing business as usual, as though we are not destroying the very fabric of life. 

As I continue to sit I begin to feel powerful. Not destructive power-over, but power-within and the shared power of acting with others. As I sit, I feel like I am resting into a deeper commitment to live from my power.

Power is not merely in the hands of politicians. Parliament House is not the seat of true power. Oh no, power is in all of us. For change to happen it needs all of us to realise our complicity in the old ways, and to begin to participate, in any way that we can, in a sustainable way of being. Grief, Love, Courage and Action will be our messengers along the way. If we embrace these we will find Power. 

Power is ours. I am going to use mine. How will you use yours?

Anahata Giri

October 2019

Anahata runs Deep Listening Circles and The Empowerment Project designed to foster expression, inquiry, listening and action on behalf of all life.