Qi Gong

with Abby Lee


Ziran Qi Gong Class at One Heart

The benefits of Qigong are far reaching. When practiced regularly and appropriately, it improves your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. It includes stillness meditation and active meditation that synchronises movement with breath.

Ziran Qi Gong is a progressive set of exercises that retains all the original concepts and benefits associated with traditional Qigong, while using terms and expressions and following a progression of practice that modern people can associate with and understand.

Ziran Qigong training concentrates and works to develop this link between mind and body. Through Movement of Qigong and Taoist Tranquility Meditation, Ziran Qigong aims to create emptiness and stillness, allows one to drop life’s baggage, cleaning out the unneccessary emotional belongings and attachments, this can develop the inner peace and strength to help deal with day to day stress and heal mental and physical sickness.

Abby is a 6th generation disciple of Ziranmen and a Master Instructor of Ziran Qi Gong, certified by 5th generation Lineage holder, Master Liu Deming. She enjoys sharing the philosophy, wisdom, knowledge and skills of this ancient art form through teaching Qigong classes. Her experiences and skills in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Counselling/Coaching and Vibrational/Energy Healing add more depth to her  practice and teaching.

Throughout the year, there are four terms of Qi Gong held at One Heart on Mondays 11.30am - 1.00pm. This class is open to complete beginners and experienced.

For more information and to book see www.qigongmelbourne.com.au