Wayapa Wuurrk

Indigenous-based practice to connect to self and Earth with Alana Marsh

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Wayapa® is an Earth Connection & Wellness Practice based on knowledge and wisdom from Aboriginal Australia. 

It focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for looking after ourselves and thriving!

The First Australians lived very, very well for 80,000 years prior to colonisation. Share in some of the well-being secrets from this continent with this simple yet profound wellness modality. Wayapa combines movement, guided visualisation and mindfulness along with Indigenous wisdom. 

Jamie Thomas, an Aboriginal man and his partner, Sara Jones have beautifully developed Wayapa for our contemporary world.  Jamie started using Wayapa to centre young men and boys before dancing or performing ceremony over 15 years ago. In doing so, Jamie found the feelings of wellbeing and vitality that were created from this connection with country, to be transformative.

Wayapa is shared with people from 4 to 104, from dynamic sporting teams to people experiencing limited mobility, even those in hospital beds. People in high stress, corporate environments have evaluated Wayapa as ‘revitalising’ and ‘grounding’.  

Your Wayapa Wuurrk Facilitator: Alana Marsh

Alana grew up and lived her early adult life on Bundjalung country on the Far North Coast of NSW. Now living on Wurundjeri country, Alana’s proud Australian family tapestry draws on the Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea and Ireland. 

Alana is excited to offer you Wayapa Wuurrk, an exciting modality that draws on Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing. 

Wayapa classes at One Heart are held on Sundays 5.30-7.00pm and the next course will begin 1 September 2019.

Email Alana to find out more: alana@alalouie.net.au

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