One Heart Teachers


Anahata Giri

Anahata is the founder of One Heart, a sanctuary for yoga, embodied practice and social change projects. Anahata has been practising yoga and meditation for 30 years and teaching since 2002.

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She has been practising yoga and meditation for 30 years and teaching yoga and meditation since 2002. She runs various trainings and mentoring programs for yoga teachers. She also has 20 years experience working as a nonviolent activist, community development worker, trainer and facilitator in the peace, environment and domestic violence fields.

She runs: One Heart One World Retreats exploring practice as a resource for our work in the world; the Empowerment Project, designed to help others find their unique empowerment project and The Circles to build emotional resilience for our world work. She is a highly experienced and skilled trainer and facilitator, her speciality is fostering the unique gifts that each individual brings to the group and to the world.

Her qualifications include: Diploma in Community Development; Somatic Psychotherapy Diploma; Certificate IV in Small Business Management; Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has also completed tLevel 5 training in Focusing, embodied listening skills She draws on the rich nonviolence tradition and is inspired by Joanna Macy, Gandhi and others. She reads voraciously, especially fiction, and loves to write. She loves being in nature and this is a daily practice alongside extended nature immersions. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, son and dog.


Jess Date

Jess has always had a passion for the human mind and body. She started yoga as she had chronic back pain. Yoga then turned into a lifestyle. She studied Atmavikasa Yogic Science, in Mysore, India for 4 years.

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She has a Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy and physiology, studied holistic health care and is currently training in Integral Energetics the Tree of Life Integral Centre.

She aims keep the practice simple and repetitive to allow the student to learn and then eventually grow and develop their practice from a strong foundation. This practice allows you to cultivate the awareness of your body and your mental habits. With a similar class each week, students will become confident on their mat and start to notice the subtle differences which take place when you practice consistently and patiently. She offers a slower, sustainable practice.

She loves to facilitate and encourage students to become aware when we are meeting our own challenges and obstacles on the mat, we are in fact meeting our own reflection, aversions and desires manifesting through the body into the present moment. Our practice invites us to enter into a deep intimate process of investigation with ourselves, eventually moving beyond judgment to becoming more inquisitive.

Jess strives to be as honest, real and down to earth as possible, while still making time to dream big and ask the harder more uncomfortable questions. She loves the beach, nature, travelling, her dogs Indi and Benny and dogcat Panda.


Patrick Glennan

Patrick has been teaching yoga since 2004. Having studied many different styles and with many different teaches, he enjoys exploring a range of different practices, so that no two classes are ever the same.

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What remains constant, however, is a strong meditative focus. While always aiming to challenge students, he also encourages them to work in a way that is appropriate to their own abilities and circumstances, with the overarching aim of opening to a clearer understanding of their own deeper nature.

Patrick is also a student of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Zen, and is a trained practitioner of Mondo Zen Koan Dialogue Practice (developed by Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi). As well as weekly yoga and meditation classes, he also runs regular retreats both in Australia and abroad.

Patrick has attracted a large following of committed students who enjoy his teaching style for its wisdom, sensitivity and honesty. Whilst ‘popular yoga’ becomes increasingly swayed by the tides of passing trends, Patrick remains committed to a deeply personal enquiry that continues to inform, and give ballast to his teaching.


Amanda Hawkey

Having experienced the transformative benefits of yoga and meditation in her own life, Amanda is passionate about assisting others to open the door to a life of connectedness, balance and flow.

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Amanda’s approach combines, a knowledge of body alignment with the restorative benefits of meditative awareness. After 10 years of practising yoga, Amanda completed her yoga teacher training in 2012, in the Amrit Tradition. Amrit yoga emphasises the practice of bringing mindful meditative attention to Hatha yoga postures.

Amanda has devoted herself to a process of life-long learning and deepening of her practice. She is continually engaged in learning from inspirational yoga mentors, including Donna Farhi, Kaye Tribe and Anahata Giri. She is also inspired by Body-Mind-Centering® which she has studied with Alice Cummins. Amanda regularly attends meditation retreats in the Insight tradition with teachers Carol Perry, Subhana Barzaghi, Jess Huon and Patrick Kearney.

Amanda brings to yoga teaching her life experience as a mother and qualified social worker and counsellor, and her ‘moment-to-moment’ commitment to taking yoga from the mat into every facet of daily life.

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Kat Marcoux

Kat has been practicing yoga for two decades and teaching since she completed teacher training in 2008. Kathleen offers practices that invite the cultivation of body-mind awareness.

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A warm, engaging and supportive teacher, she enjoys teaching beginners and experienced students and also yoga for pregnancy and birth. Alignment cues and instructions are balanced with space to explore simply being. Classes include a combination of static and fluid yoga postures, breath work, relaxation and mindfulness practices.

Kathleen’s aspiration to teach yoga was born from the desire to share the life-changing benefits she experienced herself during her years as a university student and later working at NGOs and in the public service. ‘Yoga taught me to be in my body and supported my physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing. In addition to feeling stronger and more flexible, I learnt to slow down, release tensions and I felt energized and more focused. I experienced a greater sense of aliveness. It led me to practice and study mindfulness meditation, where I find clarity, compassion and deeper presence.’

Further teacher trainings she has completed include Prenatal Yoga and Conscious Birthing, Yin Yoga and multiple Anatomy and Yoga trainings, the most recent being Experiential Anatomy with Judith Hanson Lasater. Kathleen is part of the 2019-2021 cohort of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.


Aruna Giri

Aruna has been teaching meditation and running retreats since 2007. He runs weekly meditation sessions, monthly urban retreats, Enneagram workshops and residential silent retreats near Healesville.

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Aruna started practicing meditation and yoga in 1992. From 2001 to 2005 he spent large amounts of time with different spiritual teachers and at various pilgrimage sites in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Aruna’s approach to teaching meditation is radically simple and essential, having naturally evolved from a spiritual awakening in 1997. This awakening revealed and continues to reveal the essential nature, that can be described as an eternal presence, that is boundless and has no centre and is untouched by change or death.

Aruna has a full-time practice in Rolf Method of Structural Integration Bodywork at the Abbotsford Convent. He also runs workshops on the Enneagram a system that gives deep and profound insights into human nature.


Erika Newberry

Erika is the founder of Change with Yoga and is a qualified yoga therapist, yoga teacher, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator & laughter yoga facilitator.

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Erika began her yoga journey when she returned from a trip to India back in 1998. After years of practice it was when she was living in Brighton, England that she became inspired to become a teacher herself. She then returned to Australia and went on to complete her initial teacher training in 2011. She hasn’t looked back since. Erika has gone on to study yin yoga, yoga therapy and trauma sensitive yoga.

Erika is a registered level 2 member with Yoga Australia, she is also a registered yoga therapist with the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapy and is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Erikah has also completed her 300 hour certification studies with the Trauma Center to teach Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).


Hannah Cartmel

Hannah was lucky enough to discover yoga nearly twenty years ago and has been teaching since 2013. She is a qualified Vinyasa teacher with a background in Iyengar practice and dance and a love of Hanna Somatics.

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She combines different styles of movement in an engaging and joyful way while encouraging mindfulness and injury-prevention.

After completing her yoga teacher training with Lianne Metcalf at SomaChi yoga studio, Hannah has enjoyed taking part in further training with Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, Anahata Giri, Simon Borg-Olivier, Jo Buick and Dianne Bondy, among others. She is a member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and Yoga Australia and is also certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga to teach yoga for children, teenagers and family groups.

Hannah is delighted to share the joy she finds in movement and meditation with people young and old in a relaxed environment. She firmly believes that yoga should be accessible and fun for all people and she encourages students to develop a yoga practice that suits their unique needs.


Nicole is a yoga teacher with a passion for offering a mindful, accessible and inclusive practice of yoga for all bodies. She is the founder of Go Slow Yoga and proudly provides mindful welcoming yoga classes for people at all levels of experience who are seeking comfort and rejuvenation in their practice, as opposed to struggle or strain.

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Nicole’s teaching style is informed by a trauma sensitive approach and is invitational by nature with an emphasis on choice making as opposed to a one size fits all approach.

Nicole specialises in Restorative Yoga, a healing and nourishing practice that has supported her through every day and significant life events, including motherhood and chronic illness. Nicole enjoys supporting her students in their individual experience and inquiry of yoga. With warmth and care she supports her students to slow down and meet themselves where they are in their practice.

Nicole is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and a Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher (under the tutelage of Lizzie Lasater). She has completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga training with Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia, and Yoga for the Special Child Teacher Training with Sonia Sumar. She has enjoyed further workshops and training with J Brown, Roger Cole, Fuyoko Toyota, Wai Ying Tham and Anahata Giri. Nicole is a qualified practicing Social Worker (BSW – Hon) and holds a BA with a specialisation in Drama and Film.